Safety Saturday

3rd February, 2017
Children have returned to school across Victoria, slow down during school times.
21st January, 2017
CFA has warned residents to check evaporative coolers, after crews attended four house fires caused by these systems over the weekend (7-8 January).
Incidents occurred in outer metro-Melbourne and firefighters were able to contain the fire to the cooling unit, with no further damage to homes. CFA Fire Investigators are conducting further investigations into the exact origin and cause of the fires in these units.
CFA State Fire Investigation Coordinator Nicole Harvey advised all air conditioners and evaporative cooling units should be serviced each year to ensure they are operating at maximum efficiency and to help prevent problems that could cause an electrical fault or fire.
“People should maintain their air conditioners and evaporative coolers by ensuring the dust filters and vent outlets inside the properties are cleaned regularly, along with having the units regularly serviced according to the manufacturer’s specifications,” Nicole said.
“Recent hot weather across Victoria means more people are cooling their homes with systems like evaporative coolers and these incidents may have been prevented had units been checked more regularly.
“People cooling their homes with these units should also make sure they check whether the latest Product Safety Recalls online to ensure their system is not among these items.
“If there is a recall notice for your unit, the website has instructions on what needs to be done to rework the system to make it safe.”
Victoria’s Director of Energy Safety, Paul Fearon, said while many Victorian homes had air conditioners or evaporative coolers not many people took the time to get them serviced each year.
“Regular maintenance not only allows manufacturer’s upgrades and adjustments to be made, it ensures your air conditioner or evaporative cooler will be working safely and efficiently when you need it most,” Mr Fearon said.
“Annual servicing of cooling appliances can also help to identify problems that could cause an electrical fault or fire. This year Victoria’s fire services have already responded to a number of fires caused by these appliances and we don’t want to see any more this summer.”
To check your evaporative cooling model, log on to
Also read more about maintaining air conditioners when living in bushfire-prone areas here.
7th January, 2017
Grassfire safety!
Move back two streets!
10th December, 2016
3rd December, 2016
12th November, 2016
Our community is rapidly growing and so is the amount of cars entering, leaving the area, or just passing through to get to neighbouring suburbs.
If you see or hear our trucks whilst you are driving,
– Don’t panic
– Stay calm
– Move to the left and let us pass only when it is SAFE for you to do so.
A few times we found ourselves sitting at the end of Houdini drive trying to enter Vineyard road for a lengthy period of time due to cars passing and not giving way.
Please be aware and mindful that we need to respond in the shortest amount of time.
Thank you. Your courteous driving helps us keep a safer community
5th, November 2016
Fire Danger Rating (FDR)
Summer is fast aproaching and the weather is warming up, please take a bit of time to get familiar with the FDR chart and what each rating means.
29th October, 2016
If you are planning to going away this Melbourne cup long weekend, please take a little of your time to make sure your home is safe.
– You can reduce the chance of an electrical fire by turning OFF any powerpoints which have non essential appliances plugged in .
– Turn off any devices that are on timers e.g heating / cooling units .
– Make sure any wood fire heaters are completely out.
– Make sure your stove and cook top is off.
Have a safe long weekend!
22nd October, 2016
The chance of running into a snake are really high this year,
It is important to have a basic awareness on what to do if you encounter one. Ensure your children know what to do if they come across a snake while outside playing and to inform an adult ASAP.
If you spot a snake try not to capture or kill it; it’s important to stay calm and slowly walk away. Generally snakes will move on but if the snake stays and you want it removed phone a licenced snake handler to remove it.
15th October, 2016
Unfortunately accidents do happen.
First aid kits contain a lot of items that can help in an event of a accident.
If you already have a first aid kit in your home and car its good practice to get them out , go through them and replenish any items you may already have used.
8th October, 2016
In an event of a fire would a firetruck fit in your property?
Please take a bit of time to look around your home to make sure a truck can access your property.
Also be mindful when parking in a suburban street.
Try to avoid parking directly across from other parked cars.
If our truck can’t fit in between cars, responce time will be much longer to our destination.
Sunday 1st, October
Change your clocks forward 1 hour !
September 24th, 2016
With the warm weather not far away, BBQ’s will start coming out of the shed. It is important to ensure that all of the components are maintained and ready to use safely.
– Check to see if Cylinder is damaged or passed use by.
– Check the hose and connections for cracks or leaks (Check for leaks by using soapy water on hose and both connection ends) If bubbles appear replace hose
– Check that BBQ is clean and remove excess fats
September 17th, 2016
You can reduce the risk in the event of a bush fire by:
– Keeping gutters clear of leaf debris
– Use pebbles instead of mulch in garden beds near your house
– Keeping woodpiles away from house
– Do not have large shrubs near or under windows
– Store flammable liquids a safe distance from your house
– Clean twigs or loose leaves from property
– Keep grass cut lower than 10cm
– Cut back overhanging branches less than 10m from house
September 10th, 2016
Plan and prepare!
ONLY permitted to be undertaken outside the FIRE DANGER period.
– Check with your local council as a precaution before lighting up.
All burn offs should be logged with ESTA on 1800668511
– Notify neighbours at least 2 hours prior
-Check weather forecast day of, and next 2 days after, paying particular attention to high winds.
-Make a firebreak at least 3 metres clear of ALL flammable materials
-Make sure you have sufficient of water and people to help extinguish
September 3rd, 2016
Have you got one of these on your nature strip?
These marker posts can look like an eyesore, they actually play a very important roll in an emergency. The marker posts allow
Fire Fighters to locate hydrants immediately in the event of a fire.
Please make it easier for us to locate a hydrant in the shortest amount of time by-
– Not removing marker posts
– Keeping marker posts or hydrant covers clear of grass or weeds

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