The Diggers Rest Fire Brigade was established in 1969 and currently has 25 dedicated volunteer members. Our volunteers come from all walks of life and have diverse backgrounds, interests and skills. The thing common amongst them all is their desire to put something back into our community. Apart from fire fighting, which is the core activity of the brigade, members are involved in:

§  Community Education

§  Fundraising

§  Administration

§  Maintenance of equipment 

There really is a job for everybody regardless of talent or ability

On average the brigade attends 250 incidents each year, these incidents can occur at any time during the day or night.


You don’t need experience to join CFA as we will provide you with  all the necessary training. The training is aligned with National Competency  Standards so your new skills will be recognized throughout Australia.


The job isn’t all fighting fires, and there are many support roles that help brigades, and will also help you to build professional  skills.


The safety of our people is very important to CFA. This means that new volunteer fire fighters need to undertake the right training before attending  fires, and this can take up to six months. Training is run after hours and on  weekends, so that everyone can attend.

Your Commitment to us

·          A Willingness to learn

·          Your time and dedication, the skills required to become a fire  fighter are not learnt overnight

·          New members 16 years and over will be required to undergo a Police check



The  Top 10 reasons why people become a Volunteer

      1.             Contribute to the  community

      2.             Help  others

      3.             Learn new  skills

      4.            A sense of  achievement

      5.              Enhance  protection of own property

      6.            Want new  challenges

      7.             Family and friends are Volunteers

      8.             Social interaction and camaraderie

      9.               Career  enhancement

     10.           Excitement of the  role



What does it take to be a member of Diggers Rest Fire  Brigade?

As emergency responders, fire fighters need to live or work within  approximately eight minutes of the fire station (located on Plumpton Rd at the  Diggers Rest Recreation Reserve). Since we cannot predict when you will be  called upon, you need to be flexible and available at short notice, chances are  you will be out with friends, at home or work. It is a challenging role and you  need to be fit and healthy. Importantly, you must be available and willing to  attend fire calls and Brigade activities.

Are there skill, age or fitness  requirements?

You do not need any experience or qualifications to join the  Brigade. We will provide you with the skills you need to perform the role.  Diggers Rest Fire Brigade is responsible for the health and safety of its  members, and the Brigade needs to know if a prospective volunteer has a  condition that may place limitations on their role. There is a minimum age for  members within the CFA of 16 years.

What is the time commitment?

In addition to fire calls, the Brigade trains twice a week on Monday evenings and Sunday mornings. It is expected Brigade members commit to the  majority of these activities. The more members we have the more we can share the  load!

What will training involve?

Before a Brigade member is able to attend fire calls they are  required to complete minimum skills training and a 6 month probationary period.  Once this is achieved our members have the opportunity to attend regular Brigade  training that maintains skills and develops new ones. All Brigade members  receive nationally recognized and accredited training.

What benefits will there be for me?

There is the satisfaction of a job well done, and the camaraderie  which comes from working in challenging situations. You will develop leadership  and management capabilities and learn new skills that can be beneficial in both  personal and employment environments. Importantly, you will put something back  into your community. If you can cope in  an emergency you are ready for anything that life may throw at  you!

Are there non fire fighting roles?

In addition to fire fighting, there are many other ways you can  support the Brigade. We have numerous support personnel who manage areas such as  administration, finance and fundraising, community engagement and human  resources.


What are the benefits of membership?

  • belonging to a cohesive, well trained group of   individuals
  • serving the community
  • learning new skills
  • sense of achievement
  • meeting new people from a range of backgrounds
  • enhancing self respect in a job well done
  • performing a vital community service
  • enhance employment prospects


How do I join Diggers Rest Fire Brigade?

To register your interest with the Diggers Rest Fire Brigade free call 1800 232 636 or email us at:

A brigade member will then contact you to discuss your membership


Diggers Rest Fire Brigade is YOUR local fire brigade. We would like  to invite you to join our team of people committed to making our community a safer place to live.


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