Brigade History

The Diggers Rest Fire Brigade was founded in 1969. The Brigades initial station was located in the Railway Station car park on Coimadai Road. Since the Brigade was first formed there have been only 4 Captains to lead the way.


In 1996 the Brigade relocated to a new station which is the current homeĀ  on Plumpton Road. During this time there have been a number of different vehicles operated within the community.


The Brigade we now know has two trucks and a car. Tanker 1 is a CFA owned appliance the remaining appliances Tanker 2 and the Car are both owned by the Brigade.


The Brigade is made up of a wide range of members, both male and female with ages ranging from 16 to 61.

There is a combination of shift workers, full time workers, students and also self employed members which assists with the number of calls the Brigade can attend no matter what time of day.

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